Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Listen: Ramy Gamal - Fatra Mesh Sahla New Breakup Song

He makes the best melodies, and performs the best songs from the bittersweet department. Ramy Gamal has a new song form his upcoming album. This guy knows how to make his fans break in tears. He is a convincing helpless romantic whose words enter and settle the heart.

The best line, "I am living in pain, and I say, I am fine...I am laying" This is very true and many out there can relate to this sentiment. He cannot think past this lady whom he seems to have fallen in love with from the heart of his hear. The guitar compliments the song and its delicate exquisite lyrics. The great thing about this song is that even though Ramy Gamal writes his own music, he still get melodies form others in the business. He found this song and kept it for himself to sing . The music however is the work of Shareef Ismail.

Enjoy this poetic justice song from a guy who seems to go all in when he falls in love. The song reminds people who have been in this position of the day counting, hoping to change the story and live another story, yet they cannot seem to let go. Some see this as weakness, others see it as sweetness.


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