Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Listen: Bosy "Ghetto Romance" #Egypt اغنية بوسى - دلعنى | من فيلم عش البلبل

Call her Bosy, but she is the hit-maker that makes music to all Egyptians. She came form the slums, and that's where most of her fan base live. This is not an insult, some of the most popular music in Egypt grew out of those slums. Now this is a song where she is asking her man to tease/ pamper her. She makes him feel like a million bucks.

She calls him a school, and she wants to be a student of his studying the emotions he is so good with. Bosy has a good song going for her, it's amazing to think about this, but two years ago no one had any idea who she is. Now, she is the mega star that cannot be missed....she might be the busiest singer in today's Egypt. This is gillie song with some bold lines, talking about hugs and passion in pure Sha'abi style that makes people want to jump and dance.

This is a catchy song, and Bosy needs it, since she has been caught on negative press lately after her comments on General Sisi. Aside from that, Bosy has a very powerful voice, she should try to branch out and do covers of old classical songs, she will do very well.

اغنية بوسى - دلعنى | من فيلم عش البلبل


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