Friday, October 4, 2013

#Egypt: Enjoy This Fast Ride To Hell محمد سرور - يابلادي

Sad people make little different in the world, those who seem to enjoy feeling sorry for themselves do nothing to make this world a better place. It seems this is the story of most Egyptian entertainers at this moment. They are neither in the mood to entertain, nor are people willing to listen to them. The bloodbath and the political difference are far more entertaining for some.

The sap folks in the mainstream are going for the ride...and Mohamed Soror is that new voice to entertain them as the entire country drives to hell in a fast car. It's a tragic ending really....and Egypt's deserves better from each of its loving citizens. It seems that singers are hell bent on having the last laugh....they go to the bank no matter what. You are sad, they are are happy they got you..

I wish well for Egypt and its people.....they truly deserve better than this....but we cannot get better if we do not give each other a chance.

Mohamed Soror - Ya Blady / محمد سرور - يابلادي


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