Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WATCH: This Non-Egyptians Sings for #Egypt بهاء سلطان - يا ولاد بلدي - Bahaa Soltan - Ya Wlad Balady @RabaaHeros @RabaaTweet

More and more pro army entertainers are using the Koran and Islam as prop to get to where they need. This song is about service, and volunteerism in Egypt. They ask the young ones to serve their country--at first but tell them this what have your army done for them since 1973? What have the police forced done for them? But kill them in 2011, 2012 and in massive numbers in 2013.

It's easy to ask people to do something for free, but ultimately they want something for themselves. They will let the children of politicians and business people to lead this, they should ask those people first to pay up. Not the poor and who has yet to see a good day in their land.

Remember this, Bahaa Soltan was the first singer in Egypt to call for revolt, and urged the people to protest democracy. He also happens not to be a citizen of Egypt. They want them to worship the flag, but no nothing about the ideals and principles. Plus look at the sponsors and tell me, are those people of Egypt?

There are people who love Egypt on both sides, and yes there are two sides. Yet the only side that gets murdered, is the one who sided with the democratically elected president. Yet, the ones who killed them are celebrated and called heroes, the one who got killed, are called traitors and extremists. The country needs to heal, and weather the army liked it or not, they cannot govern without the other guys.

Per the comments, a poster confirmed my suspicion about the melody used, it's an old one with new lyrics. The team behind the song disguised the music, but you can hear it. This is the second attempt to take the same beat in less than 9 months and turn it into a new song. The song that's being ripped once again, is for Oum Kalthoum Lyalt Hob. I only hope they were able to secure the rights for this Egyptian classic. 

بهاء سلطان - يا ولاد بلدي - Bahaa Soltan - Ya Wlad Balady

Um Kalthoum -Laylat Hob-Intro


  1. Bro, can you set the politics aside and just rant about how Bahaa is the second singer in less than a year to slap some different lyrics on "Laylat hob" and act like it's a new song?

  2. Thanks for the tip. I updated the post. Now, I will rant all I want about whatever I want. You can also do the same.