Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Iconic Palestinian Singer Shafik Kabha Killed! Rest In Peace (Video)

He was the biggest entertainer to come out of the Palestine 48--Palestinians who reside withing the elusive borders of the State of Israel. Shafik Kabha is his name and Palestine all Palestine loves him. He was the cool singer who know how to get a party started, he was well-known for his performances at weddings where he made a good living. He was a go to guy to get a round of Debka going, he knew what it takes and what his listeners liked. He also was able to do many covers of classical songs, like these of the romantic style for the likes of Abdel Halim Hafiz.

But aside from the wedding gigs, underneath is all he had a strong talent, he released albums doing Iraqi folksy songs, they are really hard to perform. He did well, and the most difficult of critics have given him their raving reviews. He wanted to be so much more than a wedding singer, he had so many parties, New Year parties, and his fans strongly defend the man and his career. Think of him as the Cadillac of wedding singers. Simply, there is no bigger names than the name of Kabha. He has more than 100 cassette and record from his live performances.

Now, thus talented singer was gunned down by unknown gunmen who shot him few minutes past midnight in the city of Umm-Al Faham. He was on his way back from a concert, where the assailants caught him by surprise and shot him four times. The gunmen were on a motorcycle and sped away form the scene of the crime. His body was transported to the local hospital where he had the gunshots, the medics tried to save his life in the trauma center by then its was too late to save this Palestinian icon. Police have opened an investigation. In my mind he was one of the singers who took the folksy Palestinians songs and made it catchy, faster and something to dance to. He was also was the first to fight the occupation with his songs--he paid a price for that as they Israeli occupation banned him from singing in the West Bank for ten years.--(don't miss the video to his mocking the Israelis and President Mubarak is below)

He also liked his life, and wanted people to enjoy it, this is why he sang and this is why he made so many people happy. I now thousands of Palestinians celebrated their most special day--their wedding to his music and voice.

ملك الدبكة شفيق كبها فرقة ليالي الربيع 2013

شفيق كبها على حسب وداد - b.alzeir

شفيق كبها 2013 - موال يبهدل إسرائيل - حصريا ً


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