Sunday, October 20, 2013

What Arab Singers Whose Voice You Just Cannot Stand?

Not all singers are talented, and not all of the talented one please all people. I wish, I have had a dollar for each time, I heard people say "Ehab Tawfik''s voice sounds like a goat", not sure why people say that about one charming pop star who has enriched the Egyptian pop scene  But those folks can have their opinions all they want. At times, we hate a singer because we do not like those people who like them, so he has done nothing wrong to our senses.

Other names that are repeat offenders, Angham, Asalah, Nawal Al Zogby, Hany Shaker, Mostafa Kamel, Haifa Wehbe, and so on. I wanted to ask you, what Arabic singers you love to hate? I am not asking about the persona, I am just curios to see in terms of voice, which singer you do not enjoy listening to? Artist are not judged by their personality, but rather but their voice quality.

Now, some of those people might just be gifted, but it's that they do not agree with our ears.....An evidence of that, some people do not like Oum Kalthoum--she is a legend. And yes, there are those out there who hate Tamer Hosny and cannot stand him. There are many I do not like, something tell me I have already told you those ones. Let's get subjective, shall we? Leave a comment!

Ehab Tawfik - Tetraga Fia / إيهاب توفيق - تترجى فيا


  1. If Ehab Tawfik sounds like a goat, then George Wassouf sounds like a goat who gargled with rocks. I'm not madly in love with his younger voice, but it definitely had a sweeter tone than the rasping sounds he makes now.