Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Shameless Nesma Mahgoub Doesn't See Dead People - Ad Eldonia / نسمة محجوب - قد الدنيا

She has a strong voice worth of house of opera, but her brain is not functioning that well. I love her voice, but it seems the only famous people whom deems worthy are singers, dancers, entertainers and army generals. Nesma has been caught in bad press when she was contracted for a song, then they producers went with another artists.

So her idea of comeback is to make a song for the Egyptian army. It's a nationalistic song where we are told it's impossible to know us Egyptians. The song claims Egypt is the home of all Arabs, but not Arabs like me who have to go through hell in order to be allowed to see my family in Gaza. Syrians have been targeted and so have been the Yemenis.

While I disapprove of her politics and her message, I still love her commanding voice and strong showing. Of course she ended the song with a clip from General Sisi, see Arabs according to this artists better fear than respect their leaders.

Nesma Mahgoub - Ad Eldonia / نسمة محجوب - قد الدنيا


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