Monday, October 28, 2013

This Folksy Jerusalem Lady Knows How To Party in #Palestine

She is no diva, but she sings Palestine from the heart. She is in a band, called Asayil, they sing Palestine and try to be protective of the heritage of the land that gave birth to them. She is Niveen Al Sawy, the daughter of Jerusalem. She is a fixture of Palestinians music, she can be often heard and seen perform around the cities of the West Bank. Similar Palestinian bands and dance troupe are now on Arabs Got Talent.

To help you understand Niveen, imagine being able to hang out with a younger version of your grandmother with all her stories about country and folks back in the days. This is the kind music Niveen embodies.

Now Niveen boasts about one title, the ambassador of the folksy Palestinian song. She has a degree in business, but when it comes to music, she has been in the city of Ramallah as a member of the Asayil group. She is a local celebrity and her name is even traveling outside the boundaries of Palestine. When people want something different, you can hear Niveen doing covers of popular Arabic classics.

The cool thing about Niveen, is that she is the salt of the earth, someone who you may have gone to school, someone you may have shopped next to. She is that, and then you learn that she is an entertainer who places Palestine in her heart. She is one of the new breed of Palestinians who strive to make a name for Palestine in whatever means they can--art seems to be a popular choice.

It's not easy growing up a Palestinian in Jerusalem under an occupation that wants nothing but failure to you. Niveen knows that and through music she is able to get back at the occupation. She has grown to become a proud Palestinian women who rocks that old dress look and reach out to other women in Palestine and beyond.       

نفين الصاوي وفرقة اصايل موال في مقر الرئاسة

حفل باب العامود للفنانة نيفين الصاوي

عيد ميلاد نيفين الصاوي عقبال 120 يا رب احلا مقدسية القدس

وين ع رام الله - نفين الصاوي


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