Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Romantic Jordanian Guy Song By Tony Qattan (Video Clip)

Tony Qattan is a a cool cat of the Jordanian pop and romance song, he is out with a new music video, and I think it could have been much better, he deserves better songs because he is a hard working artists and his concerts are often a big draw.

Here's what I did not like, the makeup made him look at times creepy or too old and other times, made him look too groomed, like a Photoshop of himself. I feel the model was not feeling the love, she seemed uneasy and holding back. Maybe that her real personality, and maybe this is what the director asked of her.

This is a slow song, with a slow melody written y Tony Katan
 فيديو كليب طوني قطان افا يا غالي 2013


  1. Is it me or does this sound sort of like the older song "We heya amla eih"?


  2. I can hear that now. Oh My GOSH....it's not a complete rip off, but a very close imitation. Thanks