Wednesday, October 23, 2013

US Aid To Egypt Gets Its Own Sarcastic Song By Mostafa Shawky

Egyptian singer Mostafa Shawky--a C List Egyptian singer with a sense of humor has partnered with Libyan Hamid El Shari mocking US aid to the country of Egypt. It's a light song with a lot of fun zingers and pop references from every Egyptian street.

Obviously, talk is cheap and these entertainers do not feel the pinch, so they can afford to mock US aid to their beloved country. I like when people talk, they match their words with action, otherwise it's just up hot air. As a song this is a karaoke song done by a keyboard....but the voice of Mostafa Shawky makes it worth the listen.

I find something different in his voice, it might be the affects, but still he has a ear-friendly voice. His education is actually in agriculture, but he makes good music which he sells to his peers in Egypt. He got into music composition at the college theater. He collaborated with many musicians but the one that seems to work with him the most is Hamid El Shari.

مصطفى شوقي - المعونة