Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WATCH: Moroccan Diva @SamiraSaid Sings To Erbil Iraq A Latter-Day Classic

When you are Moroccan diva Samira Said and you take a trip to Erbil Iraq, it certainly makes the news. The ageless hit-maker has been riding a high wave of publicity and a wonderful dazzling comeback song, you think what can I do next? She went to Erbil and performed song for that city, a specific song for the people who love Arabic music, yet they do not speak it as natives do. As you can see the song is being filmed and recorded in Beirut--I hope the song has at a word or two in the local language.

She calls it the capital of beauty, land of freedom and the sun of Kurdstan. It seems like an epic song. The city of Erbil has been chosen as the capital of Arabic culture in 2013. Eribil is a city run by smart business-minded people who want it to bloom. It's a classic song that brings out the diva inside Samira. It's been a very long time since we have heard such songs.

She spoke with a number of media outlets, and told us how happy she is with Mazal, it was an instant hit. Where has been this hit-maker hiding? She has game, it took her five years to make a comeback and it's a timely one. Samira Said connected the dots and released a hot song that no only made her hot again, but also made her popular at home--the song is in Moroccan.  
Samira Said Making Of Erbil's Video Clip

سميرة سعيد تصوّر "إربيل" وتستعد لـ"مازال"


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