Tuesday, October 22, 2013

BREAKING: Popular Palestinian Singer Killed--Shafik Kabha Gunned Down

Palestine's biggest wedding singer Shafik Kabha was gunned down tonight by unknown gunmen who shot him at the intersection of the Haifa city umm al-fahm. He was taken to a local medical center where he was pronounced dead. He was in a critical condition at first and soon after he was pronounced dead.

He will be missed, he might as well be the first pan-Palestine singer and he was a huge name inside Gaza, the West Bank, Jerusalem and the North. As for his style, he seems to be closer to the Iraqi style in the fashion of Nazim Al Ghazaly. He also knew how to fire up the crowd. He has more than a dozen records and they are best sellers in the area.

At the get go he was reciting the Koran at his school, at age 16, then he joined a local band and in few years he was the mega star. He was banned by the Israeli occupation from singing in the West Bank for his fiery patriotic songs. He has also faced a ban in both Jordan and Egypt--he happens to be a citizen of Israel.

Police are investigating the motive and looking to see who would commit such atrocity.

shafeq kabha ** شفيق كبها قديم ونادررررر


  1. Its too bad. We, the Palestinians have lost a Legend. He became a big part of our culture and tradition through the music that he had sang. He was a great icon. For this to happen is bad, unfortunate, and just sad. Allah Yerhamak ya aghla fannan fee kol Falastine, there will never be anyone like you, and we'll truly miss you.

  2. I am verrrrry sorry to hear this. Big fan of him from Turkey.