Monday, October 14, 2013

The First, The Second, And The Third Nawal El Zoghbi

Tia was the last time we saw the first edition of golden pop star Nawal El Zoghbi, that song showed her real face and her awesome all natural looks. By then she has established her career and dazzled her fans of her very own brand of pop. That's the same enteriter who game us "Mandam Aaleek" and "Dal'en Daloona" She ruled the light pop scene in both Egypt and Lebanon, and she has little competition back then.  This phase was pre 2000
 Nawal El Zoghbi - Tia / نوال الزغبي - تيا

"Elli Tmaneitou" was the song that defined Nawal El Zoghbi as a sexy symbol. she went for sexy over cute and she started losing them women, guys started giving her a second look, and younger fans tuned in along with their older siblings. That was 2003 and Shakira was on the rise, as a music video and a makeover, this was a hit, we have seen another side of this songstress.

Nawal El Zoghbi - Elli Tmaneitou / نوال الزغبي - إللى إتمنيته

"Rohi Ya Rohi" Nawal brought it all back in 2005. She was almost being buried a love for dozens of young pop divas whose fashion and styles have infringed on Nawal and her brand. She survived them and released a song where sexy, met cute and easy going. The music video and the songs trended so well in favor of Nawal who owned the wallets and hearts of many Egyptian concert goers. This song was a riot and re-introduce Nawal to a whose new virtual world.
Nawal El Zoghbi - Rohi Ya Rohi / نوال الزغبي - روحي يا روحي

Those are the three editions of this hit and hip pop songstress who refuses to be sidelined. I feel we are about to see a newer and more improved Nawal, and it will lane in 2013! Nawal El Zoghbi  is making waved again with the release of the teaser and audio version of "Gharibi Hal Denyi"  It's already a hit.

Nawal El Zoghbi - Gharibi Hal Denyi "Teaser" / نوال الزغبي - غريبة هالدنيي

Full Song On This Link

نوال الزغبي - غريبة هالدنيي (live)


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