Saturday, October 5, 2013

Amr Diab Vs. Tamer Hosny 2013 Edition El Leila Vs. Si Al Sayed

A week ago, Amr Diab released a music video which he filmed in Greece, lots of good-looking people, dancing, and what's not. Seven days later, Tamer Hosny who considered by many the Amr Diab rival resealed his music video. His was filmed in California, featured, tons of goo-looking people, and on top of that Snoop Dogg. Amr Diab has an American model who appeared in a music video next to Justin Bieber.

Both music videos feel to have been made by teenagers for teenagers, there is no maturity. Both have good music, both artists try to look cool/hot/and healthy. Another thing, both work to incorporate Egyptian music instruments--both songs feature Tabla (percussion instrument). Amr Diab crossed the million views, but in less than 24 hours, Tamer Hosny reached 600,000 views.

Unlike Tamer Hosny, Amr Diab had this song on his album which he released a month and half before the release of the song. Tamer Hosney released an album 7 months ago, but the song with Snoop Dogg wasn't even in it.

Amr Diab has earned the title of King of Arab Pop, you can hear Snoop Dogg calling Tamer Hosny King throughout the music video. Note, Tamer Hosny tries to reach out to Amr Diab--calling him my older brother from whom I learn a lot and I love. Amr Diab has never uttered the word Tamer Hosny ever and has never given him any sign of approval or even air time.

Both artists are successful, both released wonderful albums this year, but it seems Tamer Hosny wants the comparison and he has happy to challenge the king for his throne, I say it's a fair game, and it makes their music better.

Amr Diab - El Leila "English Subtitle" عمرو دياب - الليلة

Si Al Sayed - Tamer Hosny FT Snoop Dogg /كليب سي السيد - تامر حسني و سنوب دوج


  1. Its 2013 and Tamer makes music videos with locking a girl inside the room so that he can party with others. Its silly and comes across as he is coming from a world far away where locking a women up alone seems acceptable. I understand this is just a music video, but the whole video is about him, his macho pride, his manhood. The Amr Diab video seems a more approachable video towards the female audience, but his settings are somehow always the same. Amr music video are not as diverse as Tamer's.

  2. LOL, am I the only person who hears Snoop rapping "Dance to the rhythm..." on Tamer's record and thinks of that "Dance to the beat of the rhythm of the Nile" break on Amr's "Wala ala balo"?