Monday, October 21, 2013

Listen: Jad Shwery We Don't Care ft Chadash Cort @jadshwery You Can’t Help But Dance!

Jad Shwery strikes those who know him and his work a someone who does not really care about what goes around him. He what his gut tells him to do, and now he can say he has a song to show proof that. Jad, the singer has done a wide range of songs and has sang in languages other than Arabic. You’re out with your friends having the TIME. OF. YOUR. LIFE tearing it up on the dance floor. You go to take your seat at the bar for a much needed dance break, when all of a sudden you hear it - the song you can’t resist. The song you just HAVE to dance to. Even though your feet are blistered and bleeding and that one creepy guy keeps trying to rub his junk on you, you HAVE to dance. You really have no choice in the matter.

I cannot seem to find the story behind the song, but it's actually pretty catchy. This is the result of teaming up with skillful Turkish DJ turned producer Chadash Cort. Together, they made a fine club song that young people will enjoy. This track is meant to engage the clubs in the Middle East and give them something made by local artists whose eye is on the global prize.

The thing about Jad's career is interesting every few years he redefines himself, re-invest his image and his work speaks for him. As a director he showed that he is full of surprises....he knows how to bring out the sexy, and when he has to do he tones it down and gives us beautiful music videos (Look for his music video for Diana Haddad and Nawal Al Zoghby)

Jad Shwery We Don't Care ft Chadash Cort -Online (VEVO)


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