Tuesday, October 29, 2013

WATCH This Moving Children Living With Cancer Song ميس حمدان - قوة فى قلبى | Mais Hamdan - Qewa Fe Albi

I like music, I am crazy about it too, but the music I love the most is the kind that tries to bring people together united in their support of a worthy cause. Here is a dozen of Egypt brightest entertainers some indie some mainstream--TV, Cinema, Music and Sport they come to inspire hope. Do not give up, keep up the good fight. The song is for kids living with cancer.

You can sport the beloved American soccer coach Bob Bradley next to dozens of Egyptian celebrities trying to do do the right thing and urge one to do the right thing. The band that provides the song keep the song going while the artists lip sync. It took a while, but the name of the band is Sound of The Streets    

I love the song and how it rocks the music scene doing something good-that';s some powerful guitar strokes. but the cause is why so many A listers joined this project, children living with cancer is something that moves all of us and makes us want to do something about it.

The song is about believing that one is never alone, and one has strength in his/her heart to see life is worth it. For change, celebrities are doing something that will make things better for the little ones.  

 ميس حمدان - قوة فى قلبى | Mais Hamdan - Qewa Fe Albi


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