Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Checkout This Randomly Good Song By Camilia #SheIsGood

I did not know who Camilia is, I have no clue where she comes from. But I know about a decade ago, she blew me away with a song of hers that no one saw coming. Her song has the flavor and chracter to make most pop stars jealous.

No idea what she is up to now or what she is up to, but her song  "Almtiny" had all the right elements that makes a song memorable. This song came from her album released by Egypt's finest music producer and hit -maker Nasr Mahrous who took her under his wings.

Her album has a number of hits, and she was a nobody who made good music by her very strong voice that hits all the notes and then some "Bano Bano" is another hit from the same album. Her voice is a cross between the late Zikrah's voice, and hints of Syrian Assala and the pop persona of Sherine. his Cairo native is a rock star. Aside from being very good looking, she studied music and has her professors as fans.

Camilia " 3allmteny " / " كاميليا "علمتينى

3ALMTNY كامليا علمتني- BY ZIZO