Saturday, October 26, 2013

Watch: No Woman, No Drive, Saudi Women Driving Song

Saudi women are fighting to gain the right to drive--life is simple. And the debate is in full-swing, will they get it or will they not? Women and men in Saudi Arabia argue that women of the Kingdom should be able to drive their own cars....the status quo people think this is too much to ask for. Women should not be afforded the right--out of some vague religious doctrine and male insecurity.

This song is different, it started by an activist who does not really listen to music, but when he was in America, he liked a song "No Woman, No Cry" by the legend Bob Marley. So he did his own version of the song and it feels right. The topic is off course women driving or not in Saudi Arabia

He did not use music because some deem that to be Haram--forbidden. No woman, no drive! Alaa Wardi was a big help for the making of this song. Yes, acapella singing is OK even with the most Orthodox Muslim.  This song satirizes the argument made by these religious figures without mocking them.

The Driver can take everywhere....because the queens do not can cook for me the song goes. Hisham Fageeh thank you

Aside from that a social media campaign kicked off in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, aimed at winning women the right to drive. Dozens of Saudi women have recorded and uploaded YouTube videos of themselves driving and, so far, no arrests have been made. This is a significant change from 1990 when the first such protest occurred and ended in many women being arrested and losing their jobs. One of the women who took part in that first protest, Dr. Madeha al Ajroush, posted a video of herself driving on Saturday and said, “It is now time for Saudi women to drive. I am ready. My daughter is ready. And society is ready.” Zaki Safar, a protest organizer, said activists believe that authorities are beginning to take a softer stance on the issue.

No Woman, No Drive


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