Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Palestine's Finest Raed And Ahmed Kabha Duet

Raed Kabha is one of the hottest pop/folk singer in Palestine. For a wedding singer who has done hundreds of weddings, he has done well having a career on the side as a mini celebrity. Checkout this song where Raed writes his son a letter about recording a new album.  They letter exchange could have been saved for something more serious like Ahmed going to school, but making an album is no huge deal.

It's a song for the son to show his love to his old man, "your voice is my guide dad" sings the young man. It's a low budget music video, a song meant to introduce the young Kabha to the broader audience that has loved his father for two decades. Some singers do not like their kids to take on singing as a profession, but the Kabha family has always been known for music.

The dad mentors his son in music, life and religion. It's all about having a blance in life.

جديد رائد كبها ونجله احمد كبها كليب يا ابني


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