Monday, February 11, 2013

Joe Ashkar @ His 015 Album Launch Party

Joe Ashkar released an album with 15 tracks last year, he titled it 015. It was a major step for the Lebanese party singer and charming entertainer. As you can see from the pictures for the CD launch party, he is a likable guy among the local Lebanese singers who attended his party.

In his new album he does sing in more than his native Lebanese dialect--he goes to Egypt and the Gulf for the first time, he sings in those dialects. He composed some songs himself, and a song he wrote for his own mother. He gave an interview and talked about the CD and the events. Joe makes a lot of music videos and tries to market himself....I just do not feel he is a hot concert ticket outside Beirut where he owns a club. His wife is always next to him, talking him up.

It seems some of Lebanon's funniest actors and stand up comedians have turned out for the CD launch party. He has done well for himself in the past 15 years when he entered the music industry.

جو أشقر: أنا مغامر ومعاكس دائم للتيَّار


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