Friday, February 22, 2013

Maya Nehme, And The Girl In Love Song مايا نعمة كيف يا حب

I think of myself as a follower of Maya Nehme's music and dances. She is a talented across the board entertainer and it shows as she makes her own path in this crowded pop times. She is back with a romantic song which she released for the lovers out there. I did give the song a listen and it's a surprise from Maya who tended to make let's dance songs.

See, I have come to enjoy each of her very active songs where you get to dance from start to finish non-stop. It might be me that does not gravitate toward slower romantic songs, but Maya may have fans in the ranks who like such songs. I feel those songs are lacking something, the complexity of the human nature, such as the style of artist Pink...she loves but she can also kick ass.

I like the new angel she is working, it's like her song is playing in her head when she looks back at the past love stories she may have lived. I like songs where the artists does a self-assessment. I know I will be checking out her videos from her older live performances.

 مايا نعمة كيف يا حب 2013


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