Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Video: Silly People Talk About Silly Things #TheVoice

Assi Hallani was laughing when Sherine was walking on the stage and she fell to the ground. People did not appreciate Assi laughing when Sherine was falling on the live recording. But Assi would not let that one go, so while on The Voice, Sherine took a minute to defend Assi Hallani.

Sherine said, he was checking her out as she was walking on the stage and then she fell to the ground. Superstitious people do not like these things. So in one way he jinxed Sherine who was looking like a million dollar. The show host tries to interjects and say what seems to be like funny stuff on his mind.

While people are being murdered as the show films, Assi was trying to speak Egyptian in a pathetic attempt to look popular as he was talking about Sherine's good looks. This is really lame because at first, Assi said he and Saber El Robaei were laughing at something else when Sherine fell. Now he admits he was laughing about the fall, but in a nice way. I hope they all fall from grace.

برأة عاصي الحلاني من سخريته ع شيرين أثناء سقوطها


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