Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Country Music Super Star #Egypt Hegazy Met'al Delivers Much Need Wisdom

Country music is about so many things but in its essence its about celebrating home, friends, the food and the landscape of the motherland. That means you do not have to try too hard to impress folks, you need not to change your speech patterns, you only need to speak common words like you would talk to your grandfather. If you come across as an uneducated, then be it.

One of the voices of this art form is Hegazy Met'al, the guy who has the word country spelled all over his body, he wears country and rides horses. And his music is all about simplicity. And now he has a reconciliation song out there. About being the bigger man and asking for starting over. Not sure if the time is about Egypt's political difference of the moment, but it feels like more of those decision makers need to borrow Hegazy Met'al's tone and approach to conflict resolution.

I love the simplistic music, the artist has his fans, they are the ones who have built Egypt and did not care to stick around, instead they went home once the job was done. And those well-dressed and over-educated bunch came in and took credit for it.

Hegazy Met'al - Mategy Ya Sa7by / حجازي متقال - ماتيجى ياصاحبى نتصالح

اغنية حجازى متقال متيجي يا صحبى نتصالح من شعبى استايل


  1. Trying to find a song by Hegazy Metkal ,"Setta Fi Tesa3." I need to have this!!