Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sam Zayan Can Do Better Than Lebanese Pop

The fresh face of Lebanese pop has a name Sam Zayan, the Beirut native is seeking commercial success with a new pop song. The young singer seems like a fun person who enjoys his life and wants to make a go at pop fame.

It's your typical boy likes music story, Sam began singing oriental and traditional songs from his tender years as a student who carried his Oud instrument around and was always encouraged by his peers to sing in class, especially in the absence of teachers. Then from the Oud his voice and his warm personality set his sight at a music career.

With time, his singing talent developed and progressed to higher grounds with several singing performances which helped him gain knowledge and build confidence. His skills later paved the way to approaching singing as a profession and soon opened up new opportunities.

Finally the journey of a talented singer reached its first intended destination as the sound of sweet music heralded the birth of a new artist. This time he is collaborating with Salim Assaf, one of Lebanon's hottest composers who is always scouting for new talents to experiment new things with.

 Sam Zayan - Sho Na2isni- سام زيان - شو ناقصني


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