Wednesday, February 20, 2013

@StevenSyden Releases The International "Lonely" Hearts Anthem

Some artist with the name Steven Syden has a cool marketing concept, give his music video for free. He allowed music notworks all over the world to air his music video--this would make sure his song is out there and his new hit "Lonely" travels the world and then back. Then folks can buy it on iTunes for price.

This is your average pop song, with a cool vocal guest in L'Mars. This is how I found this video on Melody Hits YouTube official. The dreamy Syden may feel some guys feel repulsive, but that's all fine as younger ladies find it interesting. I do not find much info on the two artists, and I do not see them linking themselves to a given country. I am inclined to say Australia.

I have grew out of this phase, feeling lonely and wanting some texting skills. The shower scene and that crying might turn on some teens. But you may find the song fresh on your eyes. I like to see some more on the artist, other than that he started in 1996.

Steven Syden & L'Mars - Lonely


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