Saturday, February 23, 2013

Listen: Mohamed Maghraby New Single اغنية محمد المغربى - اهو ده اللى صار

Mohamed Maghraby is the dark horse of Arabic romance music. The son of the Egyptian city of Alexandria who appeared on the Star Academy 7th season is kicking off 2013 with a new single showcasing his uniq blend of pop and heartfelt emotional patriotic songs.

Other pop stars were impressed with his warmth and spoke in favor of the young entertainer. Mohamed Maghraby credits his loving family and friends who have helped him grow and reveal his personal style. He is a talented guitar player, and has showed his acting chops as well.

I appreciate the new song, and think if the time is right, the artist would have a no issue getting a recording deal, but things are tough all around. I hope he sticks around, makes few good songs and make his fans happy all over again.

اغنية محمد المغربى - اهو ده اللى صار | جديد 2013


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