Friday, February 22, 2013

Dubai Shopping Festival 2013 Concert With Omar Khairat

Egypt's most seasoned and better known classical music composer and pianist Omar Khairat will be standing in the city of Dubai early 2013 for a concert. Omar Khairat  is the type of composer and pianist  you would love in any language and in any country. He makes original and inspiring music.

Omar has been part of the Egyptian music scene since 1959 when he joined the music conservatory. His music has graced dozens of films and TV shows. He is a guy that means business and never repeats himself. So for him to hold a concert in the city of Dubai where a global audience will await him is a big deal.
Omar Khairat in Dubai on 4 Jan 2013.

Omar is the pure the sound of the East made in away that Westerners can appreciate. He also teaches courses around the world including in England. He regularly performed at the Cairo Opera House and all the Egyptian and Arab ceremonies. Omar Khairat is a gift to Arabic music, and he has manged to make a career with a commercial success and without insulting his audience.

Omar Khairat in Dubai on 4 Jan 2013

عمر خيرت Omar Khairat - ''Slovenia'' - 2008