Saturday, February 23, 2013

Rola Saad Sabah Tribute Songstress

It's no secret that the lovely and golden girl of Arab light pop song pioneer Sabah is a huge fan of her friend and country girl Rola Saad. Together they made two duets and they were really well made. Rola never forgets her love and appreciation for the iconic diva Sabah.

I thought Rola Saad was going to play the role of Sabah form two years ago, but then Carol Samahe got the role. Yet Rola Saad is working on reviving one beloved Sabah song "Sa'at...Sa'at" a romantic song made in the 60s. Rola Saad record the song more than a year ago.

And just now she is making a music video for that classic Arabic song. There's a rumor that Sabah will share the screen with Rola Saad for the music video--something Rola rules out but maintains  this is a tribute song for Sabah and her rich career. The music video has been filmed in Beirut in three different locations. They will feature rare and never seen before images of Sabah and her career.

رولا سعد تكرم صباح وتغني لها "ساعات ساعات" T


  1. its already been out for months, and sabah is in it for about 3 whole seconds