Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Listen To Alaa Zalzali's Finest Song To Date

He is no Iraqi, but Lebanese Alaa Zalzali may have just released the best Iraqi song in the year. The father of three little boys who sounds like a voice of reason if asked about the political reality in Lebanon is also the same guy who likes to party live. The balance of the romance, pop, blues, and funk elements in the song are done in harmony

The new song is a perfect dance companion, made just right for that unique Iraqi group dance known as Chobi dance. She warns him her family might beat him up, her dad is related be the president of an Arab republic, to keep him away, he won't go away. He wants to fight for his lady and form the words she chose  she seems not to mind this romantic tale. It's the most romantic exchange where passion meets cultural defiance. She lets him know that her brother might stab him with a knife if he comes asking for her in marriage at home. She says, nothing will keep me away. 

Alaa should be excited about his new hit he has under his belt, it's a total concert magnet. The Lebanese party singer is back after months of mourning for the loss of his new born little girl. I am certain the appreciation of this song goes beyond Iraq and Lebanon it's a trans Arab hit.

 علاء زلزلي عشقت الصبية Alaa Zalzali 3echegt el sabiya

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