Monday, November 19, 2012

Wael Jassar Talks About Myriam Faris Sexy Ways

Lebanon respectable romance star Wael Jassar spoke the truth and that has made some people upset. Wael doe snot seem to be like a troublemaker but in few times he has always said things that could be meant as a compliment when they are insults or close.

"Myriam Faris and her team concentrate on her sex appeal, even thought when she has a pretty voice"
 This is news because? Being curvy is not a crime to the best of my research.

Every single Arab knows this, Myriam Faris asks videographer and photographers to focus on her butt every time. She said she has no shame in that--and she should not.

When asked if she had a response, Myriam Faris had this to say
Wale Jassar has a great voice and his emotions are very delicate. But I am not willing to honor his comments with a response at this time.  
Meanwhile, Myriam Faris is busy doing private concerts and functions for those wealthy Arabs in the Gulf who like the songstress to sing and dance at their events.

ارداف ميريام فارس على المسرح


  1. Having curves might not be a crime but it's no talent either.