Monday, November 26, 2012

Watch: Nancy Ajram - Badak Teb2a Fik Clip 2012 نانسي عجرم - بدك تبقى فيك

Nancy Ajram does not care anymore for that guy, if he stays or if he leaves, she is fine either way. This is her first single in three years now. And she sounds a bit jaded and not too happy with the guy who is meant to romance her. She has grew indifferent to his attempted to reconciles  when he does not really change his course of action.

Ms. Ajram sports so many looks, light personality and she seems to be more happy than sad. She is dancing to the music, trying to choke her man as she helps him with his tie. The makeup work has shaved 10 years of Nancy's true age. Something tells me this music video is another commercial for one of many businesses which Nancy Ajram endorses.

The guys tried to win her over with flowers, jewelry and such, but she is not giving in. Are women that materialistic? I do not see why the guy is a jerk? He is being so nice to hear, dancing with her, sending her gifts and all that? He spends time at home, so the music video shows nothing to hate in this guy where Nancy is talking about him leaving.

I do not understand how this has been turned into a tango and salsa song. The song changes moods with little notice. This is a B plus song, and a nice try from Nancy Ajram who can almost never make a bad song.

The lyrics are the world of Ahmed Mady, and the music is the fruit of Ziad El Burji's finest melodies. Ziad is having a ball this year and his music has made it to A listers like Nancy Ajram and before her Elissa.

Nancy Ajram - Badak Teb'a Fik / نانسي عجرم - بدك تبقى فيك

Nancy Ajram - Badak Teb2a Fik Clip 2012 نانسي عجرم - بدك تبقى فيك