Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Eagle Seal Gives Birth To Egyptian Hard Rock

Rock and Roll is not for pretty boys, it's meant for those who have real internal struggles and emotional conflicts. It's about telling somebody to go to hell. And it seems Egypt has finally gave birth to a band that will do just that. The time is right for Arabic rock and roll to make its splash as rage is all over TV due to constant massacres and violence all over the news.

Eagle Seal Band (ختم النسر ) is a creative band looking for developing the middle east music to be an international music, interested in the social problems that faces Egypt in this time & the future, trying to mix the modern music & the punk music with the classic style. So far, I see that have manged to just that and top it. What is lacking is the Egyptian flavor the band boosts about! Lyrically, the song tell an Egyptian story with a universal theme.

Their breakout track titled "Darkness" or "'Atma" has locked down the right combination of things, the package deal is there. First the words and music. A wonderful melody, complimented by spot on lyrics offering a broad appeal. Not to be overlooked the emotion or mood evoked by the piece, the connection to the song is there validating once again that music is a form of communication that everyone can connect with, regardless of background, language.

It takes a courageous voice to discussing Egyptian problems that we hope we can fix it in the future. Perhaps Eagle Seal will succeed in closing the gap between the music of the East and the western one. But they should celebrate narrowing one gap, the one between youth and the old people. The Band's music vaporizes those differences with their smoking hot tracks.

 , to let every one enjoy the music any way , after the Egyptian revolution we think that the Egyptian minds have changed for better , and we hope that we can preview a good art for all the Egyptian . We give the name (Eagle Seal - ختم النسر) to the band to express that Egypt is the soul of our music , and Eagle seal is a very strong Egyptian icon at which we are all proud of.

They are a proud band form a town that has little musical history Mansoura, a city that has witnessed Egyptian victories for centuries. The band's members are Adham Seliman (vocals), Ahmed Zaen (drummer), Ahmed Disoky--diso, (lead guitar player), Ahmed Sabry (Spanish guitar player), Amr Ismael ( bass guitar player) and of course the band needs its photographer Ahmed Najeeb

ختم النسر - عَتمة


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