Saturday, November 24, 2012

Video: Arabic Rock, Up-close To The Stage

We do not get many good quality videos of a live concert for indie musicians. Not many times have I seen a good video filmed of the stage where the band making the music on the stage. That's why I really liked the video of the band and their vocalist Dina Al Wedidi.

It takes half a dozen talented people to make good music in a live show. These folks on the stage grew up to build a charming personalities inspired by the heritage and identity of this city. Dina composed the song below in 2008 and it was well received by many people and critics alike.

This video was shot on October 6th in a music festival.Dina is very bold and is very luck to have massive support from the community--it's not easy for a female rocker to shine in a very conservative and often confused society.

دينا الوديدي - الحرام


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