Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aseel Omran, The Boldest Woman In Saudi Arabia

Aseel Omran gets most things, she has secured an understanding husband to stand next to her as she pursues a career in entertainment. She needs this to survive the pursues of conservative society notorious for double standards. She is an all-Saudi talent, she took a break form singing and acted for two years, now she is ready for a reboot of her music career.

She released a new single, the lyrics of a poet from the United Arab Emirates, recorded there and released on a number of radios in that country and the gulf region. Aseel released an album early last year and at the moment she has a role in a Bahrain play where she also gets to sing.  

I like the dancey feel the song has, yet the lyrics are so sweet, making the song very proper for the kind of songs Aseel feels comfortable performing. The romantic poetry keeps the song appealing to the Khalij who loves imagery. So the show goes on, no matter what those conservatives and self righteous may say.
انا وحبيبي اسيل عمران جديد


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