Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Watch Artists and Alternative Subcultures in Gaza

Electronic Intifada had a post and the video below about the subcultures in Gaza where young people use art to speak to a global audience. Dancing, singing, painting, musicians  and more. The artists have a lot of issues to revolve with the community, but they are not slowing down.

They are teaching what little they know to the young people, dance troupe, painters and rappers all over the map of Gaza who want to tell a Palestinians story from the besieged Gaza. This is a heart warming tale of people who put up with a siege yet refuse to be broken and shattered souls. While their dreams might be born out of struggle, they have to exist and live with adversity from the locals.

Artists also have to run for their lives in Gaza like everyone else, but their contribution and voices will live through us.

 "Not a Dreamland" Artists and Alternative Subcultures in Gaza


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