Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Last Great Melhim Barakat Song Before He Lost It

Lebanese composer, singer and musician has been famous for being famous for at least a decade now. The guy can sing, entertain and can make original music. He has been in the music arena for over three decades now and has worked with just about all the names in Lebanese music.

But for a really long time he has not made a big hit-he did compose couple of songs too, but sang none that live up to his old material. If Melhim Barakat is in the news, it;s because he has something bad to tell about his peers or he is cussing at his drummer  in the middle of a concert. Or maybe he is mad at Magda El Roumi for no good reason.

The guy's music is best enjoyed drunk, the way most of his concerts goers tend to deal with his heavy dose of classical entertainment. No, I am not saying you should drink. Below I have placed two videos of two of his most popular songs that remain so and most people known him to be the guy who sings them. That has always been true since I was in high school.

I would be glad to hear more of his new material, and less of his opinions  Ultimately, he is a musician and if he has nothing new to present, he should hang his microphone.

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