Monday, November 19, 2012

Hamaki Makes A Smart Business Decision

Realizing the best edition of his album has been sold out form stores, the pop star wanted to shake things up with a new twist. Hamaki's album has been released for more than a month now and it has generated good sales, but not much buzz. So The Egyptian singer held a press conference and talked about his work on the album and answered some questions.

What I like is this....Hamaki will released the second edition of the album, it will be different that the first one. The title song will get a new musical arrangement it did actually disappoint. There will also be a DVD included with the album about the behind the scenes and the photo shoot in London.

But this is not all--the CD will have an invitation to attend all of Hamaki's concerts in the remaining days of 2012. Including a huge concert in the Cairo Stadium where all those who have purchased the CD will get in. This is what I think is missing from Arabic pop--new ideas to get people to buy CDs. The stadium takes thousands of people, so why not.

I do not think any other Arab star have given out T-shirts with his CDs yet. T-shirts are cheap to make and they come prompt audience to buy the album--people like free stuff. It's ideas like this that might help the CD market and bring real cash.
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