Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aref Might Be In High School, But He Can Rock!

This is not the first time, I declare my support for a young and underdog pop star Mohamed Aref who makes music form his bedroom and using his computer. He gets lyrics from friends  he finds a tune then he records a song...his songs are often well received by the virtual fans. But Aref can also write the lyrics himself in addition to the music composition.

Most recognize the hint of sadness in Aref's voice...Not sure what's the business plan for a CD or such, nowadays young people can make songs, but to get an album out there it seems to need a lot of work and a number of positive turn of events. Aref has submitted a cover of Amr Diab's songs for the Diab Academy, in the hopes he would stand toe toe with the king of pop himself.

I hope you find this video worth the time, Aref keep up the good day, more people would get to know and get to enjoy your music. Those who have heard your stuff tend to be fans in an instant.

Mohamed Aref - Nsset ElDonia | محمد عارف - نسيت الدنيا


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