Thursday, November 15, 2012

Download: Marwa Nasr 2012 Album البوم مروه نصر واحدة بس

Girls have finally risen up and claimed the top spots on pop albums, among the ranks is Egyptian pop songstress, from the Star Academy success to hopefully top of the music charts 2012. This is hardly her first album, but it sounds like this is the album Marwa worked on the hardest. 

I really like the funky tracks like "Mtgwaza", she clearly pulls the chick pop very well. This is a song about a girl who does not care for paperwork and marriage contracts, she just wants to live in happiness. She has already made one music video form the album, and it feels geared toward women about the dreaming of settling in and living with the one one's soul desires. As an art statement, the album delivers all the things an artists hopes for. Now it's up for the listener to reward good work by purchasing the album.

The album strikes me to be a personal statement from Marwa's own life. When she sings she means those lines as if she is in a room with her girlfriends talking about their life, their problems and their achievements. While there are 12 tracks in the album, most of them have a high production value. She does not limit herself to girl songs and boy songs, but one can hear that Marwa is a well rounded person who strikes balance in all things.

01 - Wa7da Bas
02 - 2ellet Asl
03 - Fakdt Al Atzan
04 - Bat Wa7ed
05 - 72e2y 3rftha
06 - 7bat Al Donya
07 - 72ak 3lya
08 - Mtgwaza
09 - 5lsat Bgad
10 - W2ft Gnbak
11 - Ard Wa7da
12 - Msh Mrta7a

سمبلات البوم - مروه نصر "واحده بس" 2012 متجوزاة

سمبلات البوم - مروه نصر "واحده بس" 2012 مش مرتحاله

Marwa Nasr - Beet Wahed / مروة نصر - بيت واحد


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