Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nourhanne Shoots "Meen Ya Habiby" Music Video

Nourhanne is one of those sexy Lebanese ladies who have made a career in the show business. She often sings and releases singles, but she has also engaged in product endorsement and business types--it pays the bills. And when she feels like it, she shoots a music video. Nourhanne is more of an American type celebrity and less of a pop star.

This time she is doing one of her 2009 songs, "Meen Ya Habiby", the shooting took place in Beirut-the city after which a title song for Nourhanne came last year. This seems like a special song to the artists and she went on to make a music video for it. The songstress maintains it was her friends who have asked her to film the song.

It sounds like a dance song and Nourhanne graces the track by bringing sexy back. AS for a song, it does sound fresh where the diva hits varying speed and musical notes. I would see this song done in the Greek fashion.

Nourhanne - Meen Ya Habiby / نورهان - مين يا حبيبي


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