Friday, November 30, 2012

I Miss Tamer Hosny The Versatile Singer Not The Celebrity

Tamer Hosny learns from his mistakes, as various factions in Egypt duke out their differences, he is staying out of it. The pop star is not picking sides, and has largely kept off the airwaves. This kinda of made miss the pop star that we have once loved.

The hungry guy who wanted to make good party songs, not the mega celebrities with droves of teenagers idolizing him. He really kept us guessing, looking forward to his next big surprise because we knew we could trust him on giving us high quality entertainment--he made money because he worked hard. But then when he started focusing on cool and trendy, I feel he lost his way.

The only guy that gets Tamer, and knows how to make a good party song is one name and that name wil collaborate with him once again after about two years of rift. Nasr Mahrous has always known what it takes to make a good party song, a riot song. Tamer knows how to perform those and fully understands his own strength. 

I wish we can erase most songs and movies Tamer made since 2010. I know he wishes to take back the Tamer Hosny of 2011. I miss Tamer, the Hit-maker, not Tamer the trouble maker. Will we ever see his new album, I think we will, but Egyptian have to chill out for a minute.  In this business, nothing is personal. You make a good record you stay and people love you, you do not you fold.

Tamer Hosny Sabah L Kher تامر حسني صباح الخير يا مصر "English Subtitled"


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