Tuesday, November 27, 2012

WATCH: Diana Haddad - Albi Wafi 2012 | ديانا حداد - كليب قلبي وفي جـديد

Diana Haddad knew she needed a makeover so she hired the best music video director to do just that. Jad Choueiri was up to the challenge and made a beautiful collaboration with the Lebanese nineties pop diva. The moment the names of Jad came up, brows were raised in surprise. Diana has always been conservative and when you think of conservative, Jad would not come close.

But for this new single, Diana made the right cool, she needed some of that thunder and her compatriot can help her in the next phase adding glamour and sizzle. They film din both London and Beirut. The song is about being away from the one you love. but distance has also to come with loyalty and Diana found just the song.

I love the classy outfits Diana Haddad sports, Jad had a vision for this music video and the formula seems to have worked. It's like if he knows the real Diana more than she does. Her voice also sounds at its best in years, very strong and lyrics make perfect sense.

I love the split screen affect, it makes the music video alive, and the story progresses faster. The dancing troupe are mixing up old world folks with some new works moves.

Diana Haddad - Albi Wafi 2012 | ديانا حداد - كليب قلبي وفي جـديد


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