Tuesday, November 27, 2012

البوم منوعات دبكة لبنانية - من روتاناThe Groovy Lebanese Dabke Album

The Lebanese pride necessitates that you master the dance known as Dabke. You cannot boast about being from that country or from Lebanese heritage if you do not know how to move your feet and legs in concert with dozens of other people on a dance floor. I know this form my various travels around the States and meeting the folks from Lebanon.

For those people, Rotana has released them a new album that features 13 top track for this dance by Lebanese singers who will get you to move your feet. I must say, Roa loves those songs and she would rather listens to Dabke songs when she drives. They glow happiness make you want to move around. They can be sweet too.

It's not a perfect Dabke album without the voice of Najwa Karam, Faris Karam and Melhim Zain. But there's a new kid on the block who has mastered this style of singing without loosing the sweet and romantic side--Ayman Zabib. There are other voices on this album--they are all part of the Saudi label who loves to be in the Lebanese business.

01 - Khalini Shofak
02 - Hal Baouadi
03 - Aaltair
04 - El Tannourra
05 - Alawah
06 - Kermalak
07 - Men Bein El Kel
08 - Nidren 3lieh
09 - Ritany
10 - Hala Youma
11 - Shou Halyaly
12 - Nemchi W Nemcha
13 - Ghibi Ya Shams

أيمن زبيب - هلا يما

اعلان البوم روتانا منوعات لبنانية


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