Friday, November 16, 2012

Karol Saqr Is Arabia's Most Capable Female Arab Vocalist

Her name is Carole Saker (Karol Saqr) and she is one of those underrated female vocalists the Arab world has ever had. Married to a composer and a music producer (Hady Shararah) makes life easy. But she has one of the best female vocals in Lebanon. She has not made a new album since 2009, but she has done a tribute song to her friend Yehya Saade.

She has also recorded a song, a cover for one of Najjat's awesome songs--Aydon! Now she is revising an old song and doing a cover for it. Wael Jassar had a touching song in 1998--I think. But the song orginaly belongs to the iconic Mohammad Gamal She only does songs she personally loves, and once she does her best to recreate them--she hands the master copy to Hady. I do not feel, she has been using her talents to full capacity. I think it would be easy to fault her music label==they have way too many stars. 

She seems to have shrunk, she also spoke about her health scare and how much now she values family. She speaks about music like she has a full understanding of Arabic and global trends. she will also tell us about the sports where she vents all her negative energy 

كارول صقر تحتفل بإطلاق بدي شوفك وتكشف أسرارها لإيلاف

Carol Saqr - Garh Gheyabak / كارول صقر - جرح غيابك

Mohamad Gamal - badi shufak محمد جمال - بدي شوفك كل يوم


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