Monday, November 19, 2012

Ahmed Ezz Turns Down Elissa

Ahmed Ezz used to appear as a model in music videos, he did at least once in a music video for Asalah more than ten years ago. But when Elissa called and made him an offer to co-star along her side for her upcoming music video which has 200,000 dollars budget. Ahmed Ezz declined the officer.

"Asad Wa'hada" is set to film in Beirut with director Salim Turk. Elissa had called the Egyptian actor and asked him to fly to Beirut to talk to him about a collaboration. Ahmed flew to Lebanon and met with Elissa who asked him for appear in his music video. But he declined.

Then she called and told him, they company is offering 80 thousand dollars for his appearance. He also declined on the ground, that he is not a big star and wants to focus on his film career. This news items has been circulating around the internt. Not sure if this is true, who is leaking the news of the talk.

I do not know why he would say no, the money is good, but I am certain Elissa is not used to people telling her no. I am certain other tall and good looking people out there would not turn down Elissa, and they are glad to appear with her on camera for next to nothing.

احمد عز فى برنامج زائر الليل الجزء الاول


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