Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Arab Idol Ahmed Gamal Celebrates The Sham New Suez Canal

Ahmed Gamal did great things on Arab Idol, he was the runner up for Mohammed Assaf on the program. People loved him and appreciated his talent. Even those who voted Assaf, could see the quality man Ahmed Gamal is.

But two years later and Gamal is still trying to find his own voice. He did couple of songs for TV dramas and a music video for a decent single he released. But now comes his new challenge. A song he recorded for the new Suez canal. The song makes two countries out of Egypt. One for violent general Sisi minions and another for everyone else--he calls them traitors.

This is a political porn as the song's music is the work of Amr Moustafa who still thinks Mubarak is God's gift to mankind and hates the January 25th revolution. Not sure what Ahmed Gamal is doing by pairing himself with that useless idiot. Perhaps he wants to get paid and get access too.

Enjoy the new canal, dictators love celebrations and fake landmarks. I hope when this is all over, those who brown nose dictators will find a place to take them.

أحمد جمال - بسم الله | Ahmed Gamal - Bism Allah


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