Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rap! Gaza's Angriest Song Is Out By @McGaza Holds Nothing Back

Sure, if I lived in Gaza, I would lose my mind too and I would cuss like a sailor. Still, the nice people of Gaza might not be ready for this volume of cussing and cursing coming out of the mouth of one of their local boys. Mc Gaza. I have followed his career for three years now, and I liked what he has done so far. Mc Gaza told me on Twitter that the song is a bomb that speaks about his career with rap and the struggle that comes with it.

Now he seems to have stepped up his rap game and took on a new character. He is still spitting lyrics and breath fire. But many in Gaza do not get what Mc Gaza is trying to do with this art form. He does get tons of hate and attacks yet he is still out making new records and channeling his rage. Even the title does not allow any room for guessing.....

I do not know how to feel, I like the sounds for sure, the music and the sampling is sweet. But those fighting words are coming from a place of hurt. Mc Gaza is connecting with many youths in Gaza and in Palestine, so the Norwegian government is collaborating with him to get him out there and allow him to inspire more.    

MC GAZA - صار واجب الدعس Time to Fu*k ( Disrespecting Video Clip )

Lyrics : MC GAZA
Beat : Black East
Mixing and Mastering : Medo Salem
Camera Man : Abdullah Alalawi - Ramadan Alagha
Edited and GFX : Mohammed T Yaghi
Directed : MC GAZA
Special Thanks to : Sameh barghouth - Omar Elemawi


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