Monday, August 24, 2015

Ziad Maher Sings in #Lebanon Sells Accessories In #Jordan And Celebrates #Egypt Army

Ziad Maher had always had a good style, he comes from a family that sells textile so he has always known what to wear and what works best for him. Now he that he started venturing into the music business about three years ago. He must keep up that style as you will see him below in a photo shoot.

Ziad Maher is a well-groomed man too, see him try to look refined. I think with the social media, people need more photos and they want them instantly. This session should provide plenty of photos for this salt and pepper fox. Music Nation hosted him and took a to of his pictures. He sang a song for Egypt, not clear why he would sing for Sisi....he loves the general. He said he would sing for anyone like Sisi--I hear Bibi the Prime Minister of Israel called.

Ziad has also opened a store in Amman, it sells accessories for both men and women. The idea according to Ziad is to sell well-made products that are not produced in masses.    

Ziad Maher Interview In His Photo Session مقابلة مع زياد ماهر أثناء جلسة التصويرية لعمله الجديد


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