Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Khaleeji Girls Who Rock, Meet Henan Redha @HananRedhasays

Hanan Redha is a native to the Kingdome of Bahrain, but she resides in Kuwait. She does reside though in the hearts and minds of many of her young fans who met her three years ago on Arab Idol. The young artists who's prolific on the social media department just released a cute music video about her love story with this luck handsome man.

It's a sweet song that feels and sounds cute. The brilliant young singer shows fascination with Japanese culture. But she plays the girl in love very well. She is confident in a place where women are supposed to be shy. Hanan Redha will meet a lot of success in her career and I know she is made for it. In the past Khaleeji artists who do pop songs that travel well outside the region, tend to stick around for a long time.

I think the Khaleej is changing and it's young people like Hanan who are making this happen. For change, we are seeing singers play a love story and a marriage on camera. Traditionally, a singer form Khaleej would refuse to act the love store but not Hanan she is not average. More and more artists are doing such songs and living their life as they see it and not as they are permitted to.

I like her voice and her song.
سمو عليه ( كليب ) - حنان رضا | Samo Alaih ( Clip ) - Hanan Redha


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