Friday, August 14, 2015

The Verstile Karim Mohsen Gets Married And Serenades His Bride

Few weeks ago, the lovable and talented musician Karim Mohsen got married to the lady of his dreams. He had a wedding party and many of his singer friends joined him and sang for him on their special day. Karim seems like a great guy and fun to sit with and see work. I like him a lot and love his songs and his compositions.

So since he has happy man, Karim released a romantic song to celebrate the happy occasion and being a husband. A song about the days of our lives. It's a clever song written in the first person from a guy in love declaring his love for his better half. Karim channels the sweetest version of himself for this song documenting his journey that eventually led him to meet his lovely bride.

It's a song about dreams. I like it because it comes with happy news. Had this song been released without Karim's wedding news or without knowing that it's addressed to real person, I may not have appreciated the way I do.

In other news, Karim Mohsen seems to be also working on an album project with the very proud title "I am Arab". I think this will be a timely album as more and more in Egypt are walking away form their connection to Arabs
Maret Ayam - Karim Mohsen مرت ايام - كريم محسن

الموزع الموسيقى : محمد شفيق
▶ Lyrics: Hesham Sadeq كلمات: هشام صادق
▶ Composition: Hossam Albejermy الحان : حسام البيجيرمى
▶ Music Arrangement: Mohammed Shafik


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